Cureanima offers a veterinary experience focused on allowing the time to review your pet’s history and identify any current problems. Dr. Mara creates a supportive space for clients. She offers guidance and education that allows for teamwork in making treatment decisions, which provides individualized care for each patient. This may involve an exam to determine the severity of a problem and help expedite treatment at an emergency facility.

The manifestation of disease is much more than the presentation of a particular clinical sign such as diarrhea, fever, lumps or a loss of appetite. I am thrilled to provide integrated treatment methods that bring together Western and Eastern Medicine. Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine with Veterinary Acupuncture treats pets by helping promote healing in their bodies through increasing blood flow and changing tissue signals. The use of acupuncture for people and animals has been in existence as a therapeutic treatment for thousands of years. While its use in Western cultures is more recent, Chinese textbooks in veterinary acupuncture date back to 659 B.C.E. I look forward to guiding you through a holistic approach to healthcare for your animal family.