Q: What conditions can veterinary acupuncture treat?cat acupuncture

A: Lameness/limping, pain, hind/forelimb weakness, back pain/intervertebral disc disease (instead of surgery or post-surgery), kidney disease, appetite changes, behavior issues (fears, mood changes with estrous cycle), diabetes, incontinence, heaves, cough/laryngeal hemiplegia, colic, tendonitis, and more!

Q: How does acupuncture work?

A: Acupuncture points run along major networks of blood vessels and nerves. 


When these areas are stimulated, they help increase blood flow and nerve stimulation. Pain can be thought of as a blockage of flow. Once the blockage is released, the flow returns to a normal state.

Q: How many treatments are needed for a patient?

A: Dr. Mara likes to start with 3-5 treatments once a week. Depending on the condition, a patient may need more or less treatments. Chronic issues may need regular (i.e. monthly) treatments.

Q: What are the charges for veterinary acupuncture? hope2

A: The charges reflect consultation/treatment fee and a travel fee. The travel fee is dependent on time to a patient’s home. Please call and speak with Dr. Mara about specific charges.

Q: What are all of the Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine treatment methods available?

A: Acupunture, including electroacupuncture, aquapressure, moxibustion, hemoacupunture, food therapy, herbal therapy, Chinese massage, etc.

Q: How long does an acupuncture session last?

A: Dr. Mara plans for thirty minutes to an hour per treatment. The amount of time per treatment depends on the comfort level of the patient. Dr. Mara prefers to work with patients individually catering to what he or she needs during each session.

Q: How long are the acupuncture needles in patients?

A: Typically Dr. Mara places and allows the acupuncture needles to stay in place for ten to fifteen minutes. If she uses electroacupuncture, the needles tend to be in place for ten minutes as dry needles and ten minutes with electroacupuncture.